Bye Brooklyn

We’re homeward bound. We intended to spend all of our time in New York with you, but the pull of Manhattan was too great.

From Prospect Park to the many neighbourhood bars and restaurants, including those serving Frito Pie you have felt like a home from home. Next time, we will make sure to get better acquainted.

They say Williamsburg is the place to be and they may well be right, but for us Park Slope is everything we hoped for. Just strolling up 5th avenue (yes there’s more than one!) you can really get the neighbourhood vibe; families out for walks, kids playing in the park, dog walkers, cyclists stopping for a chat with their mates in the street. In the park people are running, practicing yoga, playing football and throwing frisbee. The trees are putting on a magnificent show of autumnal reds, yellows and greens.

Everyone seems really friendly and in good spirits. Maybe it’s because it’s the day after Thanksgiving or maybe it’s just because people are generally nice here. We will come back and hang out some more!


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