Living the High Line

You’ve only got 2 more nights in the US, you’re in New York, so what better way to start the day than with a local brew and an $11 scotch egg? Voted the World’s Best Bar 2016, The Dead Rabbit is a multi-floored Irish pub and cocktail bar in downtown Manhattan. The tap room is small, has sawdust on the floor (Dan nearly went flying as we entered) and punters line the bar even at 11.30am! Seems to be living up to the hype. 

Industry Kitchen

We had the fortune to meet up with one of Dan’s colleagues, Lorraine, for lunch along the river at Industry Kitchen. This area was hit badly by Hurricane Sandy so it’s good to see the place being rejuvenated. After sharing half a baked cauliflower, the 3 of us tucked into pizza – regretting ordering one each as soon as the monsters arrived.

Dan regressed to his childhood and ordered the novelty Nutella pizza complete with marshmallows! Full to bursting we boxed up the remains, saying our goodbyes to lovely Lorraine before heading across town.

Ground Zero

Westfield World Trade Center is the shopping center at Ground Zero. The bone-like structure is hugely impressive, like a modern day cathedral, and the place was bustling.

After paying our respects at the memorial, and to the Survivor Tree, a salvaged tree from 9/11 that has grown healthily since we saw it last in 2014, we head for the High Line.

The High Line

Our destination was the aforementioned High Line – a mile and a half long elevated walkway through Mid Town. We got there just before sundown which made for some astounding views over the Hudson River. This is a well trodden route, jostling through the hoardes of tourists looking for that perfect photo opportunity. Nonetheless, it is a welcome alternative to the busier streets below.

A well-known sight from an unfamiliar angle.

The High Line is a disused railway which has been updated to a public park/walkway. It’s still under construction in places but it is wonderful to stroll around New York three floors above street level giving an unusual perspective on more familiar sights like the Empire State Building seen here shooting out of the top of a church tower!

The Other Half

With the night upon us we left the not so dizzy heights for Red Hook in Brooklyn where we would find a local brewery called The Other Half. Their tap room is about the size of a large garage. It’s functional; there’s a bar serving beer and a toilet. But the place is chockablock with beer lovers. The beer is fine and dandy but we don’t stay long because the deer on the wall is starting to make us uncomfortable!


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