Alternatives to Bourbon St

Crazy, like Blackpool on crack; Bourbon Street is perfect if you want to drink huge sugary cocktails, get hammered and be a bit raucous. If you’re maybe not into that so much, there’s plenty of other places to keep you entertained; but maybe just walk down Bourbon Street once to satisfy any curiosity you may have. 

Paddle Steamer 

We walked down to the river to catch the steamboat and as we drew nearer we heard this maddening whistling cutting through the air. We couldn’t tell where it was coming from then we saw a steam whistle organ (calliope) being played on top of our boat! It was like comedy clown music, slapping down tunes like you are my sunshine and oh when the saints!

This paddle steamer is only 50 years old but the engine has been in use on other boats for much longer. You can even go and visit the engine room to see how it all works.

The paddle turns relentlessly and throws up spray from the Mississippi into your face as you stand by it. Try not to think of how murky the water looks if you do the same!

Lunch is included with our ticket and we chow down on more of our beloved Southern home-style cooking, this time including candied yams (sweet potato topped with marshmallows)! We watch the on-board band while we dine, our waitress is really friendly and shares the recipe for bread pudding which is essentially the same as the UK’s, but has white chocolate in it! 

Garden District 

We board the oldest streetcar route in the world and what seems like the noisiest, to the Garden District. It seems like the norm for people to be jogging along the tracks that run parallel to the beautiful antebellum houses with massive gardens and broken sidewalks, where tree roots are busting up through the concrete. Maybe this is why the joggers run along the streetcar line! 

Magazine street is full of boutiques, art galleries and bars. It’s more chilled than the French Quarter and is more upmarket. Joey K’s serves us jambalaya and beer in giant frozen chalices that need two hands to lift!

Frenchmen Street 

A refined version of Bourbon Street, still plenty of bars and live music – we briefly visited Bamboula’s and saw a swing band provide the soundtrack to a dance class. 

We also give our regards to ‘Touchdown Jesus’, and witness the Christmas tree lights turn on ceremony! Singing Christmas carols in a mid-November heat was very weird!

Preservation Hall 

Traditional Jazz venue in the French Quarter, with long lines to get in. It’s a hefty $20 each for a short 45 minute set, but great to be amongst the real deal of authentic N’awlins jazz. Queue up in advance to guarantee your entry; we were standing room only in this tiny, dark room before bidding good night to New Orleans. 


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