New Orleans; was the food that good?

We’d heard lots of good things about the food in this city, and we did eat some delicious food (all listed below of course)…but, I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve been keeping a closer eye on what we’re spending; and so not going to the more pricey joints, or because we’ve been completely spoiled by all of the delicious meals we’ve had over the past 6 weeks of our trip, but a lot of the food was…meh…average.

Let’s talk about what we did like

Buffa’s Bar and Restaurant
for mega hot wings; triple-X habanero flavour with a blue cheese dip. Literally the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten! Eye-wateringly spicy. Thank goodness for that dip! My mouth was on fire for a good 20 minutes after I’d finished eating.

Cafe du Monde for beignets piled with icing sugar half an inch high, and served with bitter chicory coffee at any time of the day. No organisation here, just chaos. You have to find your own seat and be eyes akimbo for an free table as it’s dead mans shoes here. There’s always a nice jazz band playing on the street though to keep you entertained while you wait.


​​​Meals from the Heart Cafe for gumbo. In the French Market, this veggie friendly stall served the best gumbo we’ve had (with the exception of those fries in Memphis!), and tasty non-alcoholic drinks – lemonade and green tea, both sweetened with honey.

Killer Po Boys hidden at the back of the Erin Rose Bar for sticky pork belly sandwiches to go with your bevy from the adjoining bar.

Joey K’s for cheesy fries, chicken salad and  jambalaya in the super cool Garden District. Their on tap beers are served in huge frozen goblets; we love this place!

Verti Marte for deli sandwiches to go. Their hot ‘Royal Feast’ was our final, foot-long N’awlins dinner. 

Decent Drinks

Cane and Table Good cocktail selection in a semi-hidden venue. Hipster crowd, good cocktails.

Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29
Tiki bar founded by Tiki mogul Beachbum Berry. We met John Cruise here – a charismatic local who works in television but is not related to Tom. He was full of tips of places to go eat but we didn’t get to any of them as our pockets weren’t as deep as his. Instead we enjoy these great authentic Tiki cocktails prepared by nice people in a chilled bar away from the craziness of Bourbon Street. 

Black Penny A ‘neighbourhood bar’ specialising in craft beer. Having said that, our cool waitress mixed me a Sazerac; aka my new favourite cocktail. Glass rinsed with absinthe, it’s then filled with a blend of rye, sugar syrup, bitters and garnished with lemon peel. It’s short, strong and superb.

NOLA Brewing Co. is where we order our well cherished flight of beer! Just the one this time.


3 thoughts on “New Orleans; was the food that good?

  1. Whoa baby! What’s that cocktail garnished with cloves? That wins!

    You seem to like a lot of places for somewhere that’s meh with food 😉


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