Whistle-stop Vicksburg

We stopped off at Chuck’s Dairy Bar for lunch on the drive down; a basic burger joint with a decent menu – I enjoyed mine more than Dan did (it turns out I’d eaten his burger by mistake, oops). Sadly my choice apparently wasn’t quite as impressive.

Further down highway 61, just on the outskirts of town we came across a site we were hoping to find. A building covered in bible quotes we’d seen on the net. Sadly the place has since fallen into disrepair and most of the pretty signs have been looted or destroyed. It was still worth pulling off the road for some quick snaps and to mooch around between the ruins – it was creepy, like a set from The Walking Dead.

Not knowing what to expect from Vicksburg as we hadn’t researched it before we came; it was just an overnight stop on our way down to Louisiana. We were pleasantly surprised.

Our B&B, Ahern’s Belle of the Bends was a complete contrast to our beloved, down and dirty Shack Up Inn. It was the height of luxury: 15ft ceilings, swings on the porch and a stairway carpet that shared the same design as the Titanic! 

The house cost $8,800 to build way back when but nowadays the doorways alone would cost the equivalent of $10,000 to rebuild, and they’re the only ones of this style in all of Vicksburg.

The only downside we learn of is that the room above ours is haunted. By a ghost named George who thankfully we don’t meet, but are assured he’s friendly. Apparently he sits on the bed upstairs or at night taps you on the shoulder 4 times! We head out and leave George indoors.

We go for a drink before dinner – to The Winehouse; where we sample a flight of wine, which for us is novel after all the flights of beer we’ve had.

For dinner we eat at Walnut Hills for some Southern style home cooking. The restaurant is a bit more refined than what we’re used to, but worth the extra bucks. We try our first fried green tomatoes and have delicious mains of blackfish with shrimp pasta, and my new favourite: shrimp and grits.

Breakfast is even more refined. We sit in our B&B’s magnificent dining room, and lovely housekeeper Rosa Lee serves up fruit salad (yay fruit at last!), pastries, and a traditional cooked breakfast of sausage, eggs, baked apples, biscuits and gravy. We share the table with the other guests, from Alabama, Nashville and Baton Rouge. 

Hugging Rosa Lee goodbye, we get back on the road for Natchez, which we’re heading to via the cutest little cafe: The Tomato Place.


7 thoughts on “Whistle-stop Vicksburg

  1. Yeah the school bus looks like there might be a horde of zombies in them! lol.
    Seriously, do you guys get to exercise off all the food? Its all so delicious looking and we’d not be able to resist!


    1. Our waistlines have definitely expanded – we can’t say no to the delicious food either! We don’t have a car now, so we have been doing a lot of walking the past few days, but we are in definite need of some cardio! More cardio and less carbs, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rob from work says you look American now Dan. I’m assuming he’s referring to the redneck beard & attire- are you managing to fool the yanks themselves?


    1. Which reminds me of the time me and Chris got told by a stand up comedian, “you’re not from here? You guys look more New York than the Statue of Fucking Liberty!”

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I don’t think so, as soon as I open my mouth they look at me all confused. One guy in New Orleans did actually think I was from NYC but that was more likely a result of the New York t-shirt I was wearing!


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