Lynchburg y’all: taking you up to the half

The 2nd quarter got off to a great start. It was so nice to see the early morning sun beating down and the temperature already in the early twenties. Fresh from a great night’s sleep we headed over to the square in search of food. 

Not wanting to eat too much, since we knew we had a big meal coming in a couple of hours, we shared a tasty breakfast burrito from the friendly Southern Perk Cafe. 

The entire day centred around a visit to Miss Mary Bobo’s old boarding house. Up until 1983 Miss Mary ran a boarding house in Lynchburg charging the equivalent of $400 a month in today’s money for a bed and 3 meals a day. Not bad eh? However, she was an avid tee-totaler and any guests caught with alcohol in the house would be thrown out and banned from coming back for life! Recently the town discovered a hoard of broken glass liquor bottles in amongst the undergrowth out the back – the most credible theory is that the residents probably secretly got their liquor fix in the yard; throwing away the evidence in the process!

Following Miss Mary’s death, the boarding house was purchased by the Jack Daniel’s distillery and nowadays it operates as a restaurant with a difference; here you are seated with 10 strangers and a guide who tells you about the history of the house, town and its links to the Jack Daniel’s distillery. All the while you are treated to some authentic southern style home cooking – and wasn’t it just amazing?! 

We booked several months in advance (as advised by our hosts) and we were glad we did since they were packed. Laid out in front of us was a veritable feast: fried chicken, fried okra, meat loaf, butter boiled potatoes, baked beans with sweet relish, broccoli cheese and cornbread muffins topped with apples poached in Jack Daniel’s! To finish we ate chess pie – similar to a sugar pie and definitely just as sweet!

Full to bursting point we rolled out through the gift shop and walked across the square to the newly opened winery where we sampled some of the regions finest grape juice. There’s some local fruit called muscadine which looks like grapes but tasted nasty! We managed to find a wine we both liked so we decided to take away a bottle (and take a break from the beer).


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