Lynchburg y’all: first quarter

We’d not seen the pre-dawn hours for a while, so waking at 5am for our flight from Toronto to Nashville was a shock to our systems. We arrived back in the US to warmth and sun, and in our second car of the trip, headed for lunch on our way to Lynchburg.

The Pfunky Griddle is a fun, rough and ready eatery just outside of Nashville airport and specialises in pancakes. Well, they provide the batter and your chosen topping. There’s a griddle in the middle of the table for you cook the pancakes yourself.

Surprisingly neatly for us clumsy pair, we fryed up and filled up on Reese’s Pieces and blueberry flavours and drank sweet tea. Sweetened iced tea is as popular here as a cuppa is back home in the UK. We got right on board. 

Arriving in beautifully sunny, late afternoon Lynchburg, we were warmly greeted by Judy, the owner of our new home from home for the next 4 nights; Mulberry Cottage. She’s our neighbour with her husband Hank, and immediately we feel like we’re amongst family.

Judy is the great-grand niece of Jack Daniel. Generous with her time, talking us through the details of the house, we learnt of the details subtly added to the fieldstone rock walls, by the 1936 owner; minor league baseball player Parks Hayes. In the rock he added a few baseball shapes including a glove, baseball, and also a heart above the archway which is particularly relevant to Judy and Hank – Valentine’s Day is Hank’s birthday. 

​Hank is a talented craftsman and Judy showed us the kitchen island he has built from her Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, the canopy atop her Grandmother’s bed and the ‘Jack Daniel Express’; a model train that runs around the ceiling in the living room. 

Mulberry Cottage is perfectly to our taste – old English, full of detail and character, and the floors are stained the colour of Jack Daniel’s. 

We’re a couple of minutes walk from Lynchburg’s main square. Past the only traffic signal in town is a teeny block of interesting gift shops, barbecue joints and cafes. The courthouse sits centrally in the square and chimes every 15 minutes, although the time reads wrong. The locals can’t find anyone to fix it, and this just adds to the charm and relaxed vibe of the town.

We visit the Barrelhouse BBQ for our evening meal and get a take out as everywhere closes up pretty early and we want to get back to the cottage. A pint of BBQ, beans, slaw and buns and we’re done for the day. 


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