Party Poopers

We hooked up with our US buddies from Cleveland, Ohio for the weekend to check out more of what Toronto had on offer, and not only did they pick us up and drive us around, they had designed and labelled up some pumpkin beer for us! We were thrilled! 

We starting with a drive through the cool Yorkville neighbourhood towards brunch at Big Crow.

We were super stoked to see Alex and Nina and have a good ole chinwag. We realised how many Americanisms we’ve picked up along the way, so we’ve snook a few into this post, plus a couple of UK Black County home favourites for our US pals; see if you can spot them.

We learnt that a Caeser is a Bloody Mary, and you can have them with sausage, bacon, and even a Cornish hen (a teeny chicken) as a garnish! When better than now to give one a go?! Sharp, salty and with a kick, you submerge the drink’s adornments to further flavour the drink. Yum!

All set, we closed out our tab and headed to the Poop Café for dessert!

We mooched around while we waited for a table in the chaotic café, before finally sitting on toilet seats to sample Nutella bingsu – gelato, cream, cornflakes, Oreo, condensed milk, nuts, milk shaved ice and chocolate drizzle all in the same bowl! We were glad to have shared the sickly portions!

As if we hadn’t eaten enough that day, in the evening we headed to the super swanky Drake Hotel for dinner. The food was superb and the beer was good too. We ate BBQ pork and lobster nachos, Alex and Nina had the sushi and salad. 

We ended the night at The Shameful Tiki Room, an authentic tiki bar with great cocktails, and a menu specifically for variations on the potent ‘zombie’ cocktail which has changed pretty dramatically through the ages. 

There was a band on who were just getting started as we sat down, and they were just perfect for the place – a bit surfy, a bit hillbilly, and they did a few covers too – Bad Moon Rising in particular being a big hit with the Halloween Saturday night crowd. 

Thanks Alex and Nina for planning a great day, we had a blast!


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