Our Lady of Montréal: Notre-Dame

This grand church has an impressive enough exterior; reminiscent of its Parisian counterpart with two towers and Gothic Revival architecture, but the interior is stand alone breathtaking.


​Opulent blues and golds strike you as the main focal point when you enter the quiet semi-darkness from outside, and the ceiling is covered with tiny hand painted golden stars. We spent ages just staring in awe at the perfection of it all. 

The many stained glass windows interestingly depict Montréal’s history rather than religious scenes, and many of the visitors included a fair few art students huddled together along the pews sketching parts of the Basilica. 

Towards the rear of the cathedral midday mass was underway so we were unable to visit the Chapelle du Sacré-Cœur (Sacred Heart), or take photos; we merely glimpsed through glass doors an incredibly detailed sculpted fresco which stood floor to ceiling.

Along with most people, we were overcome at the beauty of this place, and while we’re not religious people, I will always light a candle for my Grandpa. 


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