A lofty price for a home cooked meal

We booked all of our accommodation in advance, some of it months before travelling. With Brexit and the taxes in Canada that we hadn’t taken into account, our hotel in Montréal cost us a bit more than we had planned. It’s at the upmarket end of where we’ve typically been staying, and our suite was massive.

We had a kitchen, and cooking for ourselves is one thing we’ve started to miss; so to save ourselves a bit of cash, and to make the most of having a huge living space; we decided to have a couple of home-cooked meals.

We’d already planned to visit the Jean-Talon Market during our stay, so where better to get our ingredients? 

The market sells predominantly fruit and vegetables and is neighboured by small specialist food shops. 

We were really keen to eat healthily after all the calorific meals in the US, and the market was perfect for getting some much needed food with colour!

Deciding what to buy was difficult as there was so much great choice; we opted for kale, shallots and garlic to cook with some brown pasta. We wanted a bit of chilli too, only a couple of fresh red ones, so our kind market seller threw them in for free; saying they were “un cadeau” (a present). 

Along with some cactus pears, bread and cheese (for afters), we headed to our temporary home to cook up a treat. 


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