New Hampshire: Live Free or Die

​Driving to and through New Hampshire, we have peeped at the most spectacular leaves yet along picture perfect roads with an abundance of trees. Those that have now lost all of their leaves create a smoke-like texture and colour among the remaining oranges, golds and reds. 

Current moose sightings remain at zero even though we have driven along many roads with warnings of “moose crossing” and “break for moose it could save your life”. We’ve become a bit obsessed with looking out for them. We’ve read that they can be seen at dusk and dawn feeding from the salt licks along the roadside, and one of the warning signs that they’re about to attack is they’ll roll their eyes to show you the whites. Unlucky (or lucky) for us we’ve not seen any (real ones). Yet!

We have however seen a couple of wild red squirrels at the Flume Gorge of Franconia Notch State Park. 

​We had some much needed exercise on our 2.5 mile hike, lucky to get in and see the flume and covered bridges, as it closes for the winter in a few days.

The park has spectacular views of plunging waterfalls and magnificent edifices of nature, including trees growing on rocks in their amazing fight for survival. Autumn leaves were falling all around us and we made several futile attempts at capturing them on film.

​The flume itself is no more than 20ft wide, and until a landslide swept it away in 1883, a huge boulder hung suspended between its narrow walls. You would have been able to walk underneath the boulder.

Wolf Den is another narrow path, albeit a much narrower one; to access it you have to crawl through a narrow tunnel on your hands and knees – Dan was brave enough to tackle the claustrophobia!

“One of the beautiful haunts of Nature, a luxurious and delicious bath fit for the ablutions of a Goddess”, is how The Basin has been described; a natural pool, the walls worn smooth by the force of the water whirling rocks and sand around it. 

By this time, we were feeling pretty worn too – time to get back on road for some moose watching on the way home. 


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