Maine Meal

It’s hipster central in Portland; there are so many places to eat, drink and be seen, and although the public have been generally less friendly, the food we’ve had in Maine has been among the best. Here are our food highlights:

Blue Rooster

img_1520-1img_1517Fried brussel sprouts. Yep. They’re a big food trend here, we tried them with ceaser style dressing and they were tastier than how my Mom cooks them at Christmas with bacon and chestnuts (sorry Mom – yours are still delicious).

Bite into Maine

The best lobster rolls so far – drenched in butter with coleslaw or more simply with just mayo and chives; Bite into Maine, a food truck at the summit of Fort Williams Park are literally at the top of their game.

The Holy Doughnut

Made from potato; more dense than a typical doughnut, but still sweet tasting, we tried them stuffed with bacon and cheese. A great stodgy hangover cure.

Veranda Noodle House

The healthiest meal so far – a bit of colour among all the beige food; their pho and rice salad were fresh and tasty, and the portions were huge.


Queues out the door for chips fried in, you guessed it, duck fat. This seems to be the in vogue place of the moment, but waiting an hour for a table seemed excessive. Luckily they did take out.

Micucci Grocery

Another place for quick eats, tucked at the back of this Italian food store is a self serve kitchen with huge slabs of Sicilian pizza – meaning thick based in the USA. We had our first whoopie pie from here too – chocolate sponge equally as thick as the pizza and stuffed with cream.

Goodness knows how our clothes still fit!


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