Rock Lobster vs. sell out Salem

We took a day trip out of Boston to Rockport and Salem on the commuter rail. Rockport, an hour outside of Boston, is a town at the tip of Cape Ann. The houses are pretty, a lot of them are decorated for the fall and Halloween. A short stroll from the station is Bearskin Neck, the end of the Cape and home to quaint shops and artist studios. 

We paid Roy Moore’s Lobster Company a visit. A tiny rough and ready shack serving freshly caught lobster. Dan tried his first oyster alongside a whole one and a half pound lobster! I was not feeling quite so brave so I chose a lobster roll, my second of the trip so far. We visited the Fudgery for pudding and bought penuche (try saying that with a Black County accent to an American), and salted caramel flavours, which safe to say won’t be making it home!

Half way back from Rockport towards Boston is the city of Salem, infamous for its 1692 witch trials; where innocent local people were tried and hung for practicing witchcraft.

Hoping to see some spooky sights, we visited the Gallows Hill Museum and Theatre where Lurch persuaded us to see the “5 star world class experience”. This turned out to be the cheesiest show either of us had ever seen. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but if you’ve seen the League of Gentlemen; imagine a Legz Akimbo play, or a very bad Mighty Boosh episode, or failing that an awfully amateurish school production. There were puppets, bubbles with ultraviolet ink in them and ‘ghosts’ that swung down from the ceiling. It was hilarious!

The rest of Salem turned out to be just as much of a tourist trap. It felt really artificial; all the history cheapened with fog machines and people trying to beckon you into their shops. The best thing about the place was a great thrift store selling trinkets, clothing and fancy dress gear. It’s made for some good pictures, but we were disappointed as this was one of the cities we were most looking forward to seeing, but we did get the bonus of beautiful Rockport. 


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