Cape Cod n Chips

Leaving wet and windy Rhode Island behind we made our way into Massachusetts crossing the impressive Sagamore bridge into Cape Cod. It was great to be basking in sunshine once again even though the wind added enough bite to warrant additional layers.

Being on the Cape reminded us both of Florida’s marshland and weathered houses. You can see why JFK liked it here so much – it’s really beautiful and sedate. A bit like driving into the set of Cocoon, it seems that Cape Cod has been trapped in some kind of time warp and it’s all the better for it!

We had some time to kill before check in so we headed up to Chatham to see the lighthouse, however we weren’t prepared for the breathtaking beach views or spectacular houses adorning the coastal route. We felt as though we’d really dropped on it with this impromptu visit.

We decided to eat closer to our hotel so after check in we walked to a lovely little place called Summer Shanty, where Tina served us delicious lobster rolls with clam chowder. Luck was with us again as we actually ended up being their very last customers of the season and they shut up shop as we left!

Expecting the next few days in Boston to be quite busy we opted for a chill out day in Provincetown at the very end of the Cape. This turned out to be another gem of a town. It’s the oldest unimproved town in the US – none of the holdings have been destroyed or pulled down by unnatural events so they just remain. At 3,000 residents the place is full yet it still finds room to fit 25,000 visitors in the summer season!!

It’s where the Pilgrims first landed, hence the popularity but there is also the chance to go whale watching, visit the art quarter or simply eat lots of great seafood. We ate fried clams and cod at Fanizzi’s just away from the main stretch before hopping on a tour of the town on a trolley bus which was very informative if a little surreal at times! Our guide seemed more interested in everyone’s gardens and window boxes, then later had to be guided by us shouting at him as he tried to squeeze his bus through a gap which was just too small.


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