Is dunking allowed?

Our first ever taste of the popular New England dish clam chowder didn’t disappoint. We went to the Narragansett branch of a small local chain called Iggy’s to escape the rain. There were 3 choices of chowder; we opted for the Rhode Island clear and the New England white – a clear soup and a creamy one. The chowder was tasty – hot and salty, and came with a pack of cute little ‘oyster crackers’ which are like croutons.

Then there’s the doughboys; an Iggy’s speciality… oh my. Deep fried, flattened doughnuts. There were several flavours to choose from; we went for the plain variety for dunking in our chowder. We ordered a dozen thinking they would be bite sized.

It turns out ‘plain’ meant ‘covered in sugar’ – they were full sized too! Now we just weren’t sure if we should dunk them; and we had twelve, so we dunked them anyway! It was a delicious combo! Sweet and salty. However, twelve doughboys were a few too many for the two of us; two days later we still had five left!


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