All Rhodes lead to the ocean

We’re staying in Narragansett, by the ocean. The beaches are beautiful and there’s a chilled out, relaxed vibe here in Rhode Island; maybe it’s the sea air? It makes Connecticut seem stuffy in comparison.

Our B&B is crammed full with fall and Halloween decorations; even in our room there are witch, scarecrow and pumpkin adornments. We’ve been fed amazing home-cooked breakfasts – eggs, sausage, asparagus and cheese and cinnamon toast with caramelised apples and syrup.

Along with the food, New England is big on craft beer – we’ve sampled some great local brews that were potent and tasty! Even though the measures we had were 350ml; much less than a pint, after just two we were feeling the effects! 

The next morning, to blow away the cobwebs, we took the popular Cliff Walk in Newport to soak up more of the sea views and to see some of the famous mansions. Walking the whole route just one way is a lengthy 2.5 hours, but we opted for a shorter 1 hour stroll to see part of the dramatic cliff views and those ostentatious residences. You can tour some of them, but we wanted to move on. 

Under an hours drive away is Providence, the capital city. We had an amazing meal at Clean Plate; a student friendly restaurant where we ate brisket with kugel and a fried chicken burger. 

While walking along historic Benefit Street (alas no White Dee to be seen!) where old houses line the road, we stumbled upon the Rhode Island School of Design street market. The RISD students have access to some excellent facilities – items for sale included glassware, letterpressed posters and wooden vases. We could have bought the entire street out if we had the space in our cases!

Just around the corner was Brown university so we decided to check out the grounds. The main quadrangle looked like the film set from Cruel Intentions and the grand old buildings also wouldn’t have been out of place in the UK.

In the evening, we went to see the annual Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo. It reminded us of the festive Walsall Arboretum lights back home from years ago, but much nicer. We saw over 5,000 carved pumpkins; the first being a display of Hilary Clinton, Pikachu and Donald Trump! Other sections of the display were devoted to humanitarian heroes, musical icons, endangered species and recently deceased celebrities. The work that’s gone into carving and painting these pumpkins is incredible. Where else in the world would you see Trump on the same stage as a Pokémon? We know who we’d vote for!


5 thoughts on “All Rhodes lead to the ocean

  1. Hello lovelies!

    I feel like I’m on your trip with you (minus the tantalising oral delights). One week in and you have done so much! Keep the food pics coming.

    Love you xxx


    1. Hello darling! So happy you’ve been reading.

      We’re enjoying our final home cooked breakfast (sausages, asparagus with cheese and eggs), before we head over to Cape Cod. Love you lots xxx


  2. I like the trumpkin. Apparently that’s a thing over there, so I want to see more. I want a photo of you with a random person you meet in each state from now on too (in addition to the great food & scenery shots). That’s if you’re doing requests. Otherwise just ignore me


      1. Yes I did and that’s the sort of thing I’m on about! There’s a story behind everyone you meet and the people can be just as interesting as the places! I’m really jealous. Hope you meet lots more interesting people and are making great memories along the way 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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