Tree-mendous Connecticut

After a very long journey from the UK, we arrived in Glastonbury, Connecticut for our first ever Airbnb experience. We have a homely barn conversion that’s off the beaten track, with rabbits and chipmunks darting around. It’s a much needed relaxing start to our trip. 

We’ve had some great food in the town centre: burgers at Plan B and the Birch Hill Tavern, pancakes and kielbasa for breakfast at Lottie’s, and pumpkin French toast and omelette with avocado, kale, ham and pepperjack cheese at Ken’s Corner. 

Ken’s Corner has been our favourite place to eat; the breakfasts we had were fantastic and there are tons of menu choices; so we’re heading back there tomorrow before we leave. It’s full of locals who’ve been really forthcoming with advice and tips for our next location in Rhode Island.

Kent Falls State Park has been a sightseeing highlight, giving us our first view of New England’s famous covered bridges. Even in this period of drought, with the waterfall reduced to a mere trickle, it was still a marvellous sight. Following a trail around the edge of the waterfall, then deep into the surrounding forest, we saw more chipmunks, some caterpillars and heard the odd woodpecker. 

Driving through the Litchfield Hills, the autumn colours were as beautiful as you could imagine, the townships and villages playing host to picture perfect houses each with their unique identity; and as people say, the photos don’t do it justice, but we’ll share some anyway. (Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of the eagle we saw swoop low across the highway clutching a snake!)


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