An American Adventure

Like ‘Tex’ from Alan Partridge, we love American stuff; mainly the food. Between the two of us we’ve seen a few of the states already, and we’ve really enjoyed them; each state feels like a separate country with its diverse mix of people and culture. 

With us not being massively adventurous, but still wanting to get away for an extended break, exploring a big chunk of the US and A made sense. 

But there’s just so much to see! Where to start?

We wanted to see New England in the ‘fall’, but also really wanted to spend some time in New Orleans. However, since they are at opposite ends of the country, we knew we had a journey on our hands. Having the luxury of 2 months, we decided we could visit both destinations and plan a route in between. 

That sounds like a long time to fill, but when you try to get from top to bottom, putting aside 3 days or so for each stop over, you soon fill up the itinerary. Flying direct and from a local airport is always our preference over travelling from the main hubs in London, but it meant our direct flight choices were limited. Of course, wanting to make travel as cheap as possible and the travel times reasonable we found the best deals were on return flights between the same locations. We decided to book a return flight to New York and access New England from there; which meant we would need to do a circular route. 

We originally intended to drive everywhere but that would be physically exhausting and we’d miss out big chunks of the country; taking interstates and straightest routes just to get down south. As a compromise we settled on a couple of stints in a hire car, coupled with a few internal flights here and there. 

If you want to find out how we got on (or more importantly what we ate!) then keep an eye on this blog as we will be updating it throughout our travels!


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